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Benefits of downloading a YouTube video

YouTube refers to a video sharing website which was developed by three former employees from PayPal. The website’s headquarters is stationed in the San Bruno in California. It now operates as Google’s subsidiaries after it was bought by Google to a tune of US$1.65 billion.

Today, millions of people have developed sites that allow them to upload the videos which can be watched by anyone. It is approximated that 35 hours of video is being uploaded on a daily basis to the YouTube.

The process of sharing videos with someone by email can be very cumbersome since some of the videos are normally very large. With YouTube, you can always send the url link which is the address of the relevant internet page to share the videos.

Benefits of downloading YouTube videos

1.You can always enjoy your favorite videos for offline enjoyment

Most people normally would prefer to watch their favorite videos at different places, different time or when they have the moods to do so. There are times when you will be interested in watching your favorite video but you do not have access to the internet. Downloading your favorite YouTube videos can really help you since you will be free to watch the videos at your preferred time, place and when you have the moods to do so.

2.You can create playlists

When you download the YouTube videos you can always create a playlist and always listen or watch them at whatever time and place you wish.

3.No installations are required

For example when using the online YouTube Downloader, this program runs in the cloud hence no need of doing any software installation when interested in downloading your favorite YouTube videos. Any time you come across a favorite YouTube video, you can always download it from any browser onto your laptop, computer or mobile device.

4.Process of downloading YouTube videos is completely free

youtube downloader free

The process of downloading the YouTube videos is completely free. The easiest way to download one is using this website There are no any annoying ads, surveys or pop ups which are required to make it work. There is no need to log in or create an account or provide any of your personal information. All you need to do is browse the site and download the files from anywhere at your own convenience. You can always save videos of movies at a very free price which you could otherwise spend lots of money purchasing for their DVDs.

5.No fear of viruses’ malware or spyware

There are risks associated with watching videos online. At times your computer might be infected with a virus, spyware or malware when watching your favorite videos via YouTube. After downloading your favorite YouTube videos, the risk of your computer, mobile device or laptop being attack by any type of virus is normally zero.

However, the files posted on YouTube are normally safe. But since you are staying online for longer time, your computer can be at a risk of being attacked by viruses.

6.Improved quality of videos

The qualities of most of the videos are not usually very good when being viewed online. Most people have always compromised on the quality of the videos when they watch it online. When you download the YouTube videos and watch them offline, they are normally of better quality compared to when you watch them online.

7.Mush safer watching the YouTube offline

There are at times when watching the videos online might not be safer at all. At times, the video link might not be trustworthy at all and might be intended to hack into your system. By downloading the videos and watching them offline, the risk of your computer system being hacked is completely zero.

8.Video watching is not affected by internet speed

After you have successfully downloaded your favorite YouTube videos, you can always watch them at your own free time without being affected by the speed of the internet. When watching the YouTube videos online, the speed of the internet normally affect the video loading. It takes lots of time for your video to load when watching online on a slow speed internet.

9.Internet expense is reduced

It is much costly to watch the YouTube videos online since it uses lots of internet bundles. When you download the YouTube videos, you can always watch it at any time you feel like without having the fear of increased cost of internet.

10.No need of internet when you want to watch downloaded videos

After you have downloaded you YouTube videos, you can always watch them at a later time without the need of an internet. This saves the cost of internet and does not restrict at where you can watch your favorite videos.

11.Future reference is assured

Over the internet there are millions of videos on YouTube. It really becomes difficult in case you want to refer to it in future since the owner might have deleted it or tracing it on the large database might become very cumbersome. When you download the videos, you can always refer to it in future since you can easily locate it in your storage device.



NFS Rivals – Cars, Toys and Turbo

Rivals’ is the 20th entry in the NFS game lineup that provides users with a complete game experience.The latest release does make an impression by adding traits from the old franchise. The manufacturers have made necessary changes with the inclusion of extreme graphics tosupport the new hardware. Gaming is furious, when it comes down to racing on the tracks and provides users with an adrenaline rush every time he/she picks up the controls.

The Setup

The tracks that feature in the fictional Redview County has the most diversified geography imaginable.There are deserted roads, lush vineyards, and several snowy passages, making it difficult for the user to drive through. Highways are found in the center of the desert, forcing the user to put on Nitro, breaking down the speedometer barrier. There are several shortcuts provided to cut in chase, but check twice before entering, as many roads that aren’t finished can lead users to a fall.The user can never get bored of racing on the same track as the lighting and weather give a different experience every time the race is on.

The only setup wrong with the game is the deduction of a pause menu as NFS wanted to provide a ‘seamless’ experience. The users cannot take a break, when in the midst of a race. That comes as a big headache as one cannot even answer phone calls during racing. Take that for a ‘seamless’ racing experience.


It offers a whole list of cars such as the Aston Martin Vanquish,R8 coupe V10 plus, M3 GTS, Fords Mustang varieties, Jaguar XJ200, all of the Koenigsegg cars, and the latest inclusion of Ferrari models such as the 458 Italia, Spider, and Enzo. The developer team at NFS has sketched tremendously and it is an astonishing experience for users to drive these beautifully crafted super cars.


There are two story lines that users can choose to go on with the game. These modes run in parallel with each other, thus giving the users the best of both worlds. Chase thugs, finish races, and smash other cars to gain bounty which, in turn, releases a whole new set of race cars and tracks.

Cop Mode – Protect and Serve

While racers may have the advantage of customizing a wider set of cars, the cops have gadgets to compensate for that. The user has option to choose from EMP blasters, Spike strips, and HeliCall. In the cop mode, patrolling the city can get you access to several seamless activities to increase speed points. The user has the control to engage in high speed pursuits if a speeding racer is found, or can take out racers in time-trails to gain more bounty.

Choose the weapons carefully, as one may never know what kind of racers are on the run. Stir up the tension and force the racer to stop.

Racer Mode – Fierce and Furious

The racer’s world is way more different and, a lot fiercer. Racers can earn bounty by doing anything that is illegal. Completing challenges, executing stunts, and driving like Indians can fetch the user more points as keeping left is known to be on the wrong side of the road.

The point is simple, race through the tracks at a fuming rate and never get caught. Once a racer is busted by a cop, he/she loses everything and has to start fresh to get more points. And remember: The Cop chases can happen at any time during the game play. So, take precautions and be ready for the worst.

The Verdict

Rivals’ is an aggressive game to play. So, sit back, take the stick and watch the car fly through the road providing an adrenaline rush to the brains. But be warned, don’t miss out on those important calls when you are busy racing.