Using Instagram for your Business

Thanks for keeping up with our series on using Instagram for your business! We’re glad you’ve made the wise decision to break into this underutilized but highly effective social media platform. By now, you probably have a pretty good start. We’ve explained to you how to get started, how to use your account, and how to attract a following. So now that you’re up and running, how do you continue to keep users engaged? Allow us to help:

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  • No matter how cool your company is and how great your product is, eventually you might run out of product pictures to post. So you’ll need to branch out in order to keep your followers from getting bored. They don’t want to see the same reposts over and over! So engage their attention with pictures of relevant things that they might be interested in based on their interest in your company. For example, if you sell creative graphic tees, you can assume that some of your audience is of the artsy crowd. So perhaps post a picture of a local coffee shop that seems like a great place to sit and write, read or draw! Your followers will appreciate the recommendation, and will think of you every time they go there. Don’t forget to buy instagram followers from a reputed seller.

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